The Gratitude Project

Join Us for a Weekly 15 minute Gratitude Call!

Gratitude is one of the strongest energies in our universe and being grateful is one of the fastest ways to affect change in our personal and collective lives.

Join our team for a free weekly Gratitude Call where we will join from around the globe for a short 15 minutes where we will express gratitude for our lives and then send that energy out into the world, surrounding our planet with beautiful healing energy.

Want to Join Our Next Call?

Thursday April 23, 2020



Thursday April 23, 2020 at:

  3:00 pm EDT (Bos-NY US; Eastern Canada)

  4:00 pm Brazil

12:00 pm PST (California, US; Western
                 Canada;  Western Mexico)

  7:00 pm WET (Iceland)

  8:00 pm BST (London, UK)

  9:00 pm CET (Sweden)

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